Thanks to the matured and established relationships, Next Power in the last 5 years has been in charge of the maintenance management of the important company Umbra centralcar s.p.A Next Power has designed and built at the headquarters of San Sisto a major photovoltaic system of 300 KWP that is able to produce 390,000 kw/hannui combined with a major industrial home automation electrical system at the new body shop etsellens designed and installed by our technicians.

Next Power contributed to the installation of all LED streetlights at the centralcar Spa parking lot in other technicians were also responsible for the installation of electric and thermodynamic photovoltaic systems at the Foligno and Terni offices.

To ensure high quality service, all the work we do is monitored with remotely managed programs so that there is the right functionality and intervention at the time of maintenance.

Before intervention

350,000 kilowatt hours per year of energy taken from the national grid plus 50 streetlights 12.5 kW for eight hours per day

After intervention

  • the 300 kwp photovoltaic system able to produce 399,000 kilowatt hours per year plus remain an energy after relamping 75 kW per day 50 tears for 8 hours
  • 110,000 kg of CO2 saved.