Energy communities


Energy communities: sharing renewable energy to reduce bill costs and improve environmental impact.

An energy community is an association of citizens, businesses, local government or small and medium-sized enterprises who decide to join together with the aim of equipping themselves with facilities for the production, self-consumption and sharing of energy produced from renewable sources.

The energy community produces energy and supplies the utilities with its participants through one or more renewable energy production facilities, installed in the vicinity of the same utilities that depend on its\their operation.

The facility that is the subject of the facilitation must be of new construction, the total power must not exceed one megawatt the facility must be connected to the electricity grid through the same primary cabin on which all the members of the energy community also insist, using the same transformation cabin for the withdrawal and transfer of electricity with the grid.

There are many benefits of REC, from bill savings for members: in addition to not having to pay for the energy produced by their plants and energy communities receive a state mandate for each kilowatt-hour produced (shared by three community members) to the reduction of pollutant emissions.

Lower bills

The more energy that is self-consumed the lower the costs of the variable components of the bill. Each community member maintains contact with his or her electricity supplier, to whom he or she pays the traditional bill; in return, he or she periodically receives a benefit-sharing amount from his or her community. Because it is not taxed, this fee is transformed into a reduction in the bill. Lower costs and higher incentives: by joining an REC, one has the opportunity to get tax distractions on PV installations; in addition, the GSE applies special rates for 20 years on shared energy; Environmental benefits: you avoid producing energy from fossil sources and reduce the use of pollutants and climate altering. Social awareness: consolidates the concept of sharing and social responsibility.