Manrico Cashmere

Manrico Cashmere
Manrico Cashmere

Manrico Cashmere relied on the expertise established over the years of the company nexpower.

After performing a technical and economic analysis of the company’s energy consumption, we designed a photovoltaic system calibrated and customized to the client’s request. Reducing energy consumption in the F1 and F3 range as much as possible.

A major 140-kwp photovoltaic system located at the Capponi registration facility was built, capable of producing 182,000 kilowatt-hours annually so that we could lower energy consumption for utility bills and contribute to an energy transition.

Before intervention

265,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year taken from the national grid

After intervention

  • 140-kwp photovoltaic system capable of producing 182 kilowatt-hours annually
  • 55,000 kg of CO2 saved