All the benefits of agriovoltaic

The energy transition to clean energy generation sources still represents the association to mitigate the effects of a climate crisis in agriculture, preserve biodiversity, and promote new opportunities for active involvement of citizens and businesses. This basically is the case with agrivoltaic, a new frontier for renewable energy.

The word agrivoltaic is used to define the use of land either to produce photovoltaic energy through solar panel installations and to carry out agricultural farming activities.

Renewable sources, sustainable use of the soil, protection of biodiversity: there is all this within agrivoltaics, an innovative approach that allows solar energy generation and agricultural practices to coexist and interact in a virtuous way, thus promoting the creation of shared value with the territory and local communities hosting the plants.



Greater land productivity.

Lower water consumption for irrigation, thanks to way of photovoltaics that allow partial shading

Supplementary source of income for farmers to be able to reinvest in their own business to increase competitivity

Creation of shared value on the ground through collaboration with agronomists, agricultural enterprises and sector stakeholders.