Relied on our expertise with the goal of eliminating the methane bill.

After studying the company’s consumption, we carried out a technical and economic analysis efficiently. Our technicians replaced the old natural gas heating system with a new fully electric complement system capable of performing seri heating and cooling.

We installed four high-tech Daikin heat pumps, which allow for increased comfort and well-being in the company.

After zeroing out the natural gas bill, we went to work on the electric bill to prevent the operation of the heat pumps from consuming too much power. We designed a 100-kwp photovoltaic system that is able to produce about 130,000 kilowatt hours and offset the power consumption of the heat pumps.

Before intervention

80,000 kilowatt hours per year of energy retrieved from national grid

After intervention

  • 100 kwp photovoltaic system capable of producing 130,000 kilowatt hours per year plus elimination methane bill
  • 40,000 kg CO2 saved