Next power was among the first companies to believe in the potential of the photovoltaic sector, collaborating in the realisation of the first large systems in Umbria and beyond. Thanks to the high technical level of its specialised technicians, the company takes care of annual maintenance and technical assistance 24 hours a day 365 days a year,
through a monitoring system directly from our operational headquarters.

Maintenance of the photovoltaic system is essential to prevent the panels from losing their efficiency and reducing the amount of energy generated. regular maintenance can guarantee maximum yield and ensure a long life for the system;

By observing a few precautions and entrusting the cleaning of photovoltaic modules and device checks, your photovoltaic system can convert sunlight into electricity for more than 25 years and provide you with significant savings and green energy.

Cleaning photovoltaic modules: photovoltaic modules are the heart of a system and it is important that they are always clean.

Monitoring the performance of the photovoltaic system: installing a monitoring system to keep the performance of the photovoltaic system under constant control is important. In fact, when the performance of the plant is not in line with the average, it is essential to carry out maintenance in order to avoid a drop in electricity production. Through monitoring, it is possible to know how much energy the system has produced and to make precise diagnoses to see which system components are not working as they should.

Our highly qualified technicians will check the health of the system through a performance audit.

  • repair in the event of damage to glass and aluminium frame panels, corrosion and visible hot-spots;
  • repair of structures due to structural failure and/or deterioration;
  • check and possible replacement of electrical connections, connectors and cable joints;
  • inverter check and voltage monitoring;
  • battery check;
  • replacement of transformers, inverters and string-boxes.

regular maintenance can guarantee maximum performance and ensure a long life for the system;



A key role in making the energy transition and energy efficiency is played by THERMO-HYDRAULIC systems, with the installation of heat pumps to reduce methane bills.

The maintenance of thermo-hydraulic systems, carried out in accordance with the intervals provided for by the regulations in force, is carried out by specialised personnel in possession of the appropriate licences for the maintenance and operation of the systems.

The latest technological instruments such as thermometers, anemometers, air flow meters, water and gas leak detectors are used to carry out the appropriate checks and intervene appropriately.

The company, strengthened by its experience in the installation and maintenance of thermohydraulic systems, offers its expertise in supporting the customer in the planning and execution of correct maintenance actions, such as

Operation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems Operation and maintenance of heating systems Management and metering of energy and water consumption.



Next Power, on the strength of its experience in the installation and maintenance of electrical and special systems, offers its expertise in supporting the customer in the planning and execution of correct maintenance actions.

Next Power is active in the design, realisation and maintenance of electrical and special installations.

Thanks to the experience of our highly trained and specialised technicians, we are at the service of every need.

Maintenance of electrical and special systems is essential to safeguard their durability and proper functioning, both in regular use and in the event of an emergency. Maintenance and verification of the correct functioning of the systems also means preventing possible failures that can compromise complex systems and cause major losses. Maintenance is carried out by specialised personnel, using state-of-the-art technological equipment such as network analysers and multifunctional instruments for measuring earth resistance, checking differentials and electrical insulation tests. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to analyse any critical points subject to overheating that could lead to unpleasant breakdowns over time.

Next Power is structurally organised to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Operation and maintenance of electrical installations;
  • Operation and maintenance of MV/LV transformer substations
  • Operation and maintenance of public and private lighting installations;
  • Management and accounting of electricity consumption.