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Next Power has been in the renewable energy sector since 2005, and in plant engineering for 30 years. The company can count on more than 30 years of experience in the electrical and technological sector, more than 20 years in the renewable energy sector. Next Power was among the first companies to believe in the potential of the photovoltaic sector, collaborating in the realization of the first large plants in Umbria and beyond.

In addition to the design to the installation of electrical and photovoltaic systems, we offer the customer a complete service including two points feasibility study, hyper bureaucratic to obtain authorization and entities, executive outline design, installation, testing, practices to obtain the on-site exchange, communications to terna, annual maintenance and technical assistance 24 hours a day through a monitoring system directly from our operational headquarters.


We have carried out thermohydraulic works with a focus on the realisation of heat pumps, solar thermal and mechanical ventilation systems of high quality combined with high phenomenology this has allowed us to become the DAIKIN COMFORT STORE

Our numbers:

0 MW
Photovoltaic power
Mini wind turbines installed
Storage systems
Car charging systems
Heat pumps
Streetlights replaced with IED HI-TECH lamps
0 Kg
CO2 saved
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Next Power

Looking to the future

Next Power believes strongly in the energy transition, so it invests in the implementation of charging systems for electric cars.

In recent years, we have installed more than 280 charging stations for private companies in DC and AC.