EUS implants

Efficient Utility Systems (EUS)

Efficient utility systems (EUS) are energy production facilities such as photovoltaics powered by renewable sources or say high-efficiency generation with a capacity of up to 20 MB operated by a single legal entity producer for the consumption of a single end customer.

Next Power is active in the construction of proprietary photovoltaic systems.

We build the system on the roof or suitable surfaces owned by the customer at our own expense.

The company is looking for suitable roofs for the construction of photovoltaic systems through surface right.

Minimum 800 square meters covered area capacity assessment for a minimum design capacity of 100 kwp.
Preliminary power study and technical-economic feasibility.
Baseline energy consumption and cost analysis.

We will carry out a technical feasibility study that includes:

Verification of the presence of the connection of the grid distributor;Availability of the Mt/bt transformation room;Accessibility and state of the roof;Urban constraints.

Rent or sell your land for renewable projects

We are looking for land owners to implement new solar projects in Italy.

Terrain characteristics

For large-scale photovoltaic systems

  • Agricultural land of at least 15 hectares.
  • In the case of land with a different use, the size may be less than 15 hectares.

How it works

Step 1

To assess the feasibility of building a renewable plant, we ask you to fill out the form and provide us with accurate information about the location the size of the site. Based on this information we will be able to determine if the site is suitable for plant construction.

Step 2

Our team will contact you to proceed with the feasibility check of the project. Together we will carefully evaluate the information provided and discuss the possibilities for the implementation of the renewable plant. We remain at your disposal for any questions or clarifications.

Step 3

We are committed to environmental protection and sustainable development through renewable projects and sustainable practices. We want to partner with those who share our vision to make a difference.