From green energy to sustainable energy

Corporate social responsibility

produce clean energy through renewables is only the first step: our business embraces sustainability in every single phase of a project's life.

Electricity is the key to the complete decarbonization of our planet. We continue to anticipate the future and work, together with our stakeholders, for society to progress sustainably.

Our sustainable business model:

we are a leading energy company creating something for all stakeholders in the long run.
The group is active in the development and construction of plants that generate electricity to renewable sources.


We develop projects in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development we work to ensure access to energy for all while addressing climate change.

Renewable and sustainable energy

Next Power's development strategy supported by the constant integration of sustainability. Our approach is based on a productive method, time identify opportunities for the creation of shared value between the company and territory in which we operate. The result is the creation of energy that is not only renewable, but also and above all sustainable.

The company's goal is to develop innovative projects in line with the 2030 agenda by increasing the capacity to produce green energy through our achievements.

From words to deeds:

People, communites and companies have seen their lives improve their business thanks to next Power's sustainable choices: we develop innovative projects to reduce CO2 emissions,generating economic and social savings.

We propose cutting-edge systems generated from renewable sources, contributing to a circular economy.

For this, Next Power, for each customer studies a project adapted to their needs through an energy audit with the aim of reducing the costs of consumption, increasing energy self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Plants

We apply innovative technologies to minimize the impact of activity on the environment by optimizing the operational efficiency of plants and ensuring responsible use of resources. We support the sustainable development of the territories and communities and in which we operate from a long-term perspective, fostering an approach based on the circular economy.

With you toward a new era of energy

creating with sustainable energy is possible and companies can seize this opportunity for incredible leadership. Your company too, can be part of a transition to a low-emissions economy. Are you ready to embark on this journey?