Solar thermal energy

Underfloor heating

"a new way to heat your home"

With underfloor heating systems you can give full rein to your creativity in living spaces.

"The heating of the future"

The available heating surface significantly influences the type of heat generator chosen. Modern heat generators, e.g. heat pumps, are designed for low system temperatures. The lower the flow temperature, the more efficient and cost-effective of the heating system.
Consumption savings of up to 20-30% can be achieved with an underfloor heating system. The water system can be used for cooling, by running cold water instead of hot water, the room can be cooled by avoiding air conditioners.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

The way to produce domestic hot water in the most ecological and efficient way possible is to combine solar thermal energy with a heat pump water heater. In this way, it is possible to maximise the exploitation of the renewable solar source: directly via the solar panels and indirectly via the heat present in the air at any time and in any weather condition.

Highly efficient domestic hot water

For an always healthy and comfortable environment
Ventilation systems ensure optimal climatic conditions by providing a cool, healthy and comfortable environment.

In a completely enclosed room in a building, air cannot enter or leave easily, causing air pollutants to remain and accumulate.
This could affect the health of the people inside the room. Ventilation is therefore essential to dilute and remove air pollutants.

Control and energy efficiency

Ventilation systems allow you not only to have maximum control of the air in your home, with the possibility of dividing the room into 2 zones, but also to have high energy efficiency

  • Fresh air passes through the heat exchanger before being supplied
  • Bypass for free-cooling capacity
  • Possibility of setting the control system to 2 zones

Ventilation systems improve the air quality in the home for lasting and unparalleled comfort.

  • Allows the return air to pass most of its heat to the incoming fresh air in the winter period
  • Possibility to pre-heat air in winter
  • High filtering capacity
  • CO2 and humidity sensors

Water Sanitation

With Next Power's high-efficiency solutions, guaranteed savings for hot water production

Choosing an energy-efficient solution for hot water production, such as heat pumps, results in considerable savings over time. Heating water requires energy: it is estimated that over 40% of the water we use is hot.

Water heating solutions, by coupling heat pump technology with storage heaters, achieve significant energy savings. The units can be combined with solar thermal, but also interconnected with the photovoltaic system to supply the electrical part and even integrate with an additional auxiliary energy source. Different setting modes are available, making them suitable for all needs or consumption habits.

Energy cost savings by harnessing renewable energy provided by the sun. Solar panels produce up to 70% of the energy required by heat pumps for hot water production.