Wind power plants

Next Power over the years has contributed to the implementation of major works to increase the production of energy from renewable sources.

The company has designed and built 50 Mini Wind Turbines and 6 Wind Power Plants of 60 Kw

Next power has all certifications suitable for plant maintenance. Maintenance of wind power plants is carried out by employees trained according to accident prevention and current regulations and includes periodic inspection, lubrication and safety programs imposed by regulations and the various wind turbine manufacturers.
Scheduled maintenance includes maintenance of mechanical parts in addition to activities on the switchboard and general electrical systems.

Next Power conducts the following activities:

Tool verification of electrical, mechanical and structural components of the installation; Thermographic verification of electrical components;
Compilation of manufacturability sheets and analysis of compliance with estimates; Management of relations and bureaucratic formalities with the relevant bodies;

Verification and reporting of energy readings produced with the relevant authorities.
Through careful and accurate monitoring carried out remotely, it is also possible to limit and minimise disruptions and achieve rapid intervention and restoration times.

Scheduled maintenance of wind turbines is essential for the proper functioning of all equipment, both electrical and mechanical. Working with specialised technicians and on time means preserving components from breakage and malfunctioning in order to maximise energy production and thus guarantee the planned economic return on investment.